Who is jackie jackson dating

According to Asa, they have been together for many lifetimes, despite their physical separation.

Tito Jackson is getting married after being inspired to propose to his long-term girlfriend Sonia Galindo after attending the London premiere of 'Michael Jackson: The Life Of An Icon' earlier this month.

And while Jermaine wrote about his friendship with Whitney in the Harper Collins book he released last year, You are Not Alone: Michael, Through A Brother's Eyes, he has never spoken about reported affair.

However, the source added to The Sun Sunday that Jermaine had deliberately left intimate details of his relationship with Whitney out of his book to make it sound as if they were just friends rather than lovers.

Jackie did little to keep it a secret during its long run.

That’s the important thing.'Speaking of Michael’s legacy, Tito said: 'From my perspective, Michael to me wasn’t only the nucleus in the Jacksons group, he was the nucleus in show business, he was very good at what he did.

'He wanted to be the best, he’s always said this since the first time he held a microphone.

Gest said: "I think I know something about throwing a good wedding party! His first produced three sons: Taj, Tarryl & Tito Joe, who formed 90s pop group 3T.

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