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They describe the rising Hollywood star as a 'very grounded young man' with the 'air of somebody who's a bit surprised that he finds himself where he is.'He is from a middle-class family, the son of a psychotherapist mother, Elizabeth, and documentary-maker father, Richard, and still lives at home with his parents in north London. He caught the eye of certain people in our class until they realised he was so married to his work.'He's very hardworking, very down to earth, very diligent and very gregarious. The whole class was close and formed a real bond, I texted him well done after his last film and he replied to say thanks.'The class of 18 used to meet every Friday night at the student bar in the Central School of Speech and Drama, with Joe joining in every fortnight or so.Friend and former classmate Jordan Bunton-Williams, an actor and writer who is creating a film about Mardoche Yembi, a man accused of being a child witch, told Mail Online that Joe was a heartthrob while at drama school but never had a girlfriend because he was so committed to his craft. Taylor and Joe are already very serious, The Sun newspaper has claimed, but the actor has not forgotten his north London roots.

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Taylor part peu après pour une tournée mondiale de plus de cent dates.

Taylor Swift may have a successful career, but she has no doubt been unlucky in love.

Despite dating high profile celebs such as John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles, Calvin Harris, and Tom Hiddleston, Taylor’s relationships don’t usually last more than a few months, with the exception of Calvin Harris whom she dated for over a year.

Mr Bunton-Williams, whose film is titled Mardoche's Journey to Freedom, said: 'He's very charismatic, he's what I refer to as a quintessential panty-dropper. He attended the fee-paying City of London School on a combination of a scholarship and bursary, before reading English and drama at the University of Bristol.

Joe, who has two brothers - Tom and Patrick - then continued his studies at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama back in London.