Dating a comedian don39t do it

It’s also important to remember that when Wayne Gretzky stated that line about missing shots, he was talking about hockey, not dating. Hockey goals can’t hurt your feelings when you miss.

In dating, it’s more like “you miss 100 percent of the rejections if you stay indoors.” I don’t have to make geography-related decisions.

We spoke to comedians Calise Hawkins and Nicole Schreiber about the things you shouldn't do when going on a date with them, unless you want the date to end immediately, with a drink in your face.

When it comes to picking date locations, I’m especially confused. After seven or eight dates like this, she’ll realize I have no other ideas. One of the cool parts of being single is that I get to eat all of the food I purchase. I buy these bananas six at a time every three days.

So I thought I’d help them out by making a few tiny alterations. This will give them a sense of superiority over everyone else.

I hereby present my 15 Reasons (Not) To Date A Comedian.1. Get ready to fake laugh, a lot, to avoid damaging their fragile sense of self.2.

Dating often involves finding a location for the date.

This is my least favorite part of dating, because I’m an incredibly indecisive person.

Dating a comedian don39t do it