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According to the experts at Web MD, finding something to laugh about can help individuals who feel run down and low on energy feel better.However, no matter whether you are feeling a little blue or fit as a fiddle, there are plenty of reasons to take a break and enjoy some funny cat videos to lift your spirits.“Our main logo is a core part of You Tube and is not going away. It’s fine and much less annoying than most of the start-ups that went on to dominate the internet (i.e., Pay Pal, e Bay, Google, etc.) so I have no qualms in seeing it go away.We are increasingly using our play button for apps and icons.” So, instead of going with a single, nicer logo they are just going to create confusion. In exchange, they are establishing their big play button inside its own recognizable shape as the main identifier for You Tube, which is a perfect strategy since every time you watch a You Tube video it’s the first thing you see. The minimal shading inside the play button might feel familiar to those who went through the Google Visual Assets Guidelines I posted in June that showcase Google’s commitment to visual simplicity and sophistication — this new You Tube logo and the pattern fall exactly within this aesthetic.I do wish someone closed up the kerning on both sides of the “T” and on the “Y” before Maru uses them as tunnels to jump through but it’s a perfectly acceptable wordmark. Some other facts that would make Grumpy cat smile: More than 1 billion unique visits a month, over 6 billion hours of video watched each month, and 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute.

She is most known for her funny videos, vlogs, and make-up tutorials on You Tube.

Ray William Johnson is a cyber-legend -- with more than 1.4 BILLION views on his You Tube channel -- and last night, he revealed a shocking secret about the Internet ... Johnson -- who hosts the You Tube series "Equals 3" -- tells us, nothing goes viral faster than a video with a hapless feline (or a cute baby) ...

and if you can capitalize on that, you'll be making bank as a You Tube star in no time.

Her most popular videos are ads that use photos of her that her fans send to her.

Her most popular video is "7 Odd Things That Seduce Men" and had over 1 million views on the Hai Leda Bear channel.