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Insiders say Beharie has been eyeing an out from her contract for quite some time, as she no longer wanted to be on the show, and the show’s producers did not dispute her potentially leaving.Original plans called for Beharie’s character to be killed off in the Season 3 midseason finale, though the network backed away from the plan, deciding to finish out the season with the star, who’s been at the top of the call sheet since the start of the series in 2013.

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When Fassbender was a toddler, he and his family moved to Killarney, Ireland, and thus he speaks with an Irish accent.

Fassbender started acting at the age of 16, when his former teacher, Donie Courtney, offered him roles with the theater troupe Bricriu.

When Fassbender was 17, he was hired to produce, direct and act in a stage adaptation of Quentin Tarantino's movie required the actor to lose a staggering 31 pounds.

Even though the show’s rocky second season caught flack from critics and fans, the chemistry between Mison and Beharie was often noted as the show’s most valuable asset, and for some viewers, it was the main reason to stick with the supernatural drama.

But in an effort to prepare for Beharie’s departure, Fox began to cast more female roles in “Sleepy Hollow’s” third season, knowing that Beharie’s exit could be imminent.